Sine Mora's Cast Continues to Grow

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Today, Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have released details about the fifth cast member for their upcoming, co-developed XBLA shooter,

Joining Ronotra Koss, Argus Pytel, Myryan Magusa, and Akyta Dryad is GARAI 74/22876.

Sine Mora's GARAI 74/22876

GARAI 74/22876 - Octane rating: 90. Age: 2 circles. AiBot ordered for the Imperial Guard’s Elite Squadron in the Tira administrative region. 22876 was manufactured on the moon Mawu and stolen, then reprogrammed by Ronotra Koss.
Also, several more details about the game have become clear thanks to an interview with Digital Reality's Theo Reiker at Shogun Gamer. Sine Mora will allow you to play as any of the characters that have been featured so far. Each character can fly a customized version of one of the game's three ships, but they each have access to different sub-weapons. Typical of the shoot 'em up genre, the length of the game will depend on what you intend to get out of it - on the easiest difficulty, the game can be completed in a short time, but to fully experience the story, you'll need to plan on 4-5 hours. For the achievement hunters out there (and there may be one or two of you, right?), Reiker promises "you definitely need 50+ hours… and we did our best to keep persevering players entertained during those 50+ hours, so please expect a lot of motivational tricks, in the good sense of the word."

Sine Mora will also have true 3DTV support, so you can see all "13 massive boss encounters in the game, and 3 additional, medium-sized bosses", featuring designs by Mahiro Maeda, in all their three-dimensional glory.

What we still do not know exactly, is the release date and price for Sine Mora, but we'll be sure to give you those details when they arrive!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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