Gaming Session Improvements

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
Hi all

I thought it might be good to have some additional information on the Gaming Session pages regarding your potential Gaming Session compadres - when you view a Gaming Session that has gamers in it, you will see a little summary of the session feedback you have given them previously. Clicking through on this link will show you the details of the feedback you gave them in the sessions you were in together. This should hopefully help you decide if you want to join the session.

I've also create a new list for all of your sessions - the one on your homepage was a little lacking in information. If you click the info icon on the Upcoming Session summary on your homepage, or alternatively click on the My Gaming Sessions link under the My Pages menu, you will see a new list of your upcoming sessions with a lot more information on. You can also check the box to see a list of old sessions you were in. If you preferred the menu link to take you to the Gaming Sessions calendar, you can change it back using a new setting in the Gaming Sessions section of My Settings.

You may also notice a load of Games Played messages popping up in your Friend Feeds - after some requests I've added a new Milestone for the total number of games played - this will pop at the previous milestone level the next time you are scanned.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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