Deal of the Week: September 21, 2009

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
Pinball machines were king of the arcade until the luster of glass, chrome and flashing lights were tarnished by the dazzling and mesmerizing graphics of Atari's Pong. laugh Things would never be the same for the pinball machine or the mullet wearing rockers that played them. It wasn't long after the release of the first stand-up video game, in the early 70s, when the pinball machine was pushed to the rear of the arcade by hordes of fake wood grained upright cabinets with 14" monitors piping out the latest technology had to offer. If you are feeling a bit nostalgic for those glory days before video, or simply want to get as close as you can get to the days of the 'pinball wizard', this week's Deal of the Week just may help you out.

Pinball FX presents you with the standard fair of classic pinball action; left and right triggers control the flippers, ball is put into play with the 'A' button, and table nudging can be done by tapping the left stick in the direction desired (but watch out for that TILT). In addition to these the 'X' button changes your view of the table with three different perspectives: A standard view of the table from the players position, a medium view of the table that follows the ball action, and a close-up view of the ball action.

Included table themes:
Speed Machine, Extreme and Agent

Downloadable table themes:
Earth Defense (240MP)
Street Fighter II Tribute (200MP)
Rocky & Bullwinkle (200MP)
Nightmare Mansion (200MP)
Buccaneer (Free)

For one week only on September 21, get this Arcade game for only 400 Microsoft Points, 50% off.

Developer: ZEN Studios
Publisher: ZEN Studios
Genre: Other, Sports & Recreation
Players 1
Online Multiplayer 2-4
HDTV 720p
Xbox LIVE Vision
Custom Soundtracks