Gaming Session Improvements pt 2

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
Hi all

after yesterday's functionality updates for gaming sessions, it was clear from the comments that there were more things that could be done to make the job of organizing and applying for sessions that bit easier.

So I listened, digested, and then coded away to bring some of these to your TA door today.

On the feedback page for each user, you can now filter based on Positive, Negative or Neutral feedback.

If you are hosting a session, you will now see all the applicants at the bottom of the gamer list along with their feedback score from both you and the community, and buttons to accept or deny their application.

Additionally, if you have applied for sessions, you will have a button on your new My Gaming Sessions page to withdraw your application. On the same page, you'll notice that if you choose to include historical sessions, the sort order will auto-switch to show you the most recent first.

If you have other improvements you can suggest to the gaming session or feedback system then please post them in this thread (I've taken note of the calendar export and locking feedback suggestions from the other thread already). We are always looking to improve the site, and I know how valuable the sessions are to what we do - we've had over 125,000 sessions run through TA since the feature was first introduced!

Oh, and one other request I saw yesterday that I've put live today - you can now choose to hide your completed games by default on the My Games page.

Party on dudes!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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