New Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Screenshots

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago was one of the best PC RPG's of 2011 and as it breaches the console barrier in 2012, CD Projekt Red continues to show off its assets. Today, the team gives us some very new, shiny, fresh-smelling screenshots for your ocular and (dare I say?) olfactory senses to enjoy.

Feb 8 Screen 1

Feb 8 Screen 2

Feb 8 Screen 3

Feb 8 Screen 4

Feb 8 Screen 5

Feb 8 Screen 6

Feb 8 Screen 7

Feb 8 Screen 8

Feb 8 Screen 9

Feb 8 Screen 10

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings is set to hit retailers on April 17th. Be sure to check out all of the information on pre-order bonuses and special editions, too.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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