New Kinect Star Wars Screens Released

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Just yesterday, we were able to share with you several new details about Lucas Arts and Terminal Rality's upcoming They've now released a fresh batch of screens showcasing the game's various gameplay modes.

Duels of Fate
Duels of Fate 2/8/12 Screenshot 1

Duels of Fate 2/8/12 Screenshot 2

Duels of Fate 2/8/12 Screenshot 3

Duels of Fate 2/8/12 Screenshot 4

Jedi Destiny
Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 1

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 3

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 2

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 4

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 5

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 6

Jedi Destiny 2/8/12 Screenshot 7

Pod Racing
Podracing 2/8/12 Screenshot 8

Podracing 2/8/12 Screenshot 1

Podracing 2/8/12 Screenshot 2

Podracing 2/8/12 Screenshot 3

Rancor Rampage
Rancor Rampage 2/8/12 Screenshot 1

Rancor Rampage 2/8/12 Screenshot 2

Rancor Rampage 2/8/12 Screenshot 3

Galactic Dance Off
Galactic Dance-Off 2/8/12 Screenshot 1

Galactic Dance-Off 2/8/12 Screenshot 2

It was also revealed yesterday that those of you who purchase the console bundle will receive an exclusive C-3PO unlockable for the Dance Mode, so we have a picture of that as well.
C3P0 Unlock

Kinect Star Wars will launch on April 3rd, 2012.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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