Gaming Session Improvements pt 3

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
Hi all!

We must stop meeting like this smile

So - another day, another set of Gaming Session devs for your pleasure!

We had so many great ideas yesterday in response to Gaming Session Improvements pt 2 that I felt I couldn't rest until I'd implemented as many of them as I could.

So here we go....

New devs

RichardW1001 said:
Plus one for calendar export please! iCal or similar would be great!
This is now implemented. There's a new link when you click the "Sessions I'm in" checkbox on the Gaming Sessions page, and also a nice big button on the new My Gaming Sessions page. This will download ALL of your upcoming gaming sessions in hCalendar format which can be read by most (if not all) calendar applications.

xZer0ex said:
It would be nice to see what achievement(s) were intended for the boost session on the notification.
I have made several improvements to the Email/PM notifications of new sessions. As well as an achievement list, you will also be told the date and time of the session (in your timezone). This should save a click on the session link if you know you are not interested.

DJP519 said:
Is it possible to sort or filter by the intended achievement(s) for the session?
There is now an Achievement dropdown on the Gaming Sessions page which will populate with the achievement list from the Game dropdown if one is selected. Also, if you have the "Achievements I need" checkbox ticked then the achievement list will only show you achievements that you need for that game - nice!

If there are no matching sessions, you will be shown a warning and a link to create a new session. This session will pre-populate with the game and achievement if either were selected on the calendar filter.

Additionally, if you go to any achievement page, you will see the gaming sessions that are set up to specifically earn that achievement (rather than all the sessions for that game).

ivegotalobon said:
I posted a while back that when a session is starting and somebody no-shows, we sometimes have to rely on the 'gamers wanting to boost' page, can it be added that a little green light will indicate who is currently on the site and red for not? Some of these lists are HUGE & would make it much easier to find someone to fill a spot in a session
There is a new "Presence" column on the Game's Boost List page which shows whether the gamer is currently on-site or not - it will even show you if they are in the TrueAchievements Chat to make it easy to pop in and ask them to sign up to a session. Click on the column header itself to bring those on the site to the top.

Chieftan Mozdog said:
Not sure if this was covered but one thing I have always found annoying was the removal of the gaming sessions from the user page when the session has started. Instead of doing that just move it to a current/underway sessions so that people can easily select the session if they need to refer to it
Currently running sessions will now show on your game page (and anywhere else that Upcoming Gaming Sessions list is shown) with a little Play icon to show that they are in progress.

ixnay37 said:
Is it possible to change the default sorting of the player list on the gamer session page? Right now it looks like it's sorted in reverse alphabetical order by default and it would be much more useful if it were in the order that people joined the session.
This is now done.

Trombonafide said:
I would really prefer the option to view gaming sessions in the calendar view, like they were previously. Its more easily readable on the fly than the list. Is there any way both options can be included?
There is a setting in My Settings to switch your menu item back to the calendar view, and also a new button on the My Gaming Sessions page to go to the Calendar View page.

cfasand said:
I would love the option to remove certain achievements from triggering gaming session notifications for games that I want to boost. There are a few games that have ridiculous achievements like Seriously or ridiculous grindy level or rank achievements that I will never get. Yet having a game like Gears1/3 on my boost list means that I get constantly flooded with emails for boosting sessions for the same achievement that I don't care about.

AC1DGro0ve 3o3 said:
Is it possible to only receive gaming session notifications for achievements that you're missing?

i.e., Session X has 3 achievements listed. You have 3/3, so you are NOT notified. Session Y has 5 achievements. You have 2/5, so you ARE notified.
There is a setting that helps with this - Boosting gaming session notification rules. You can choose to only be notified of sessions containing achievements you do not have, or only achievements on your to do list. Or you can have it set to all sessions for games on your boost list.

J Pinder said:
Default option for Gaming Sessions to show open sessions only...
- Pleeeease?
This is now done.


munchmagic86 said:
All great stuff but I just noticed a bug on one of my sessions Boosting Gaming Session for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
With the player status and the new updates it is overlapping with the side screen options. Other than that fantastic job
The Gerbil said:
I've noticed two bugs though:

-Clicking on some of the games in the My Gaming Sessions tab will redirect me to the TA home page.

-The new Confirmed/Unconfirmed column in sessions I've created is being overlapped by the boxes on the right hand of the screen (Top Review, Friends Who've Won/Not Won, etc).
Van Uden said:
I noticed a bug the other day (before any of the updates so not sure if it's still there). When you set the session to "Only friends can apply" that doesn't actually mean only friends can apply. To be more precise, from the applications I've gotten it seems like everyone can apply instead laugh
All resolved.

Other stuff

FIASCOcomedy said:
I had a full session last month that also had two reserves. Long story the creator decides to cancel and delete the session an hour before it starts.
When a session is deleted all record of the session and those that applied/ got accepted in the session are also deleted. All the people that signed up could have still had a session if they had a way to find each other, (I've taken over as host several times when creator host has No-Showed)!
Why not leave the deleted session up and delete the feedback option?
It should be impossible to delete a session with other gamers in, so I don't know how this could have happened. I could really do with some additional info on this one.

There were 3 other large requests from the forum - Implementing some sort of Reserve system, Changes to the Session Feedback to include a No-Show option and a Different Scoring Algorithm, and Hiding Games you don't own any more.

These have not been forgotten, but will require some careful thought as to how I go about implementing them. I would like to nail them in a bit more detail before I start working on them.


I'm going to go and have a lie down now....


P.S. Exhausted coder disclaimer - with this amount of rapid development there's every possibility there will be a few bugs - please post in here as you find them smile
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