Ridge Racer Unbounded Day One Edition Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Namco Bandai's latest addition to the Ridge Racer franchise, https://www.trueachievements.com/Ridge-Racer-Unbounded-....htm, is due to hit retailers next month. Fans of the games will be itching to know if there is a special edition of the game and if there are any pre-order bonuses. The answer is "yes" to both.

The game will have a special Day One Edition that will be available for the same price as the standard edition. The Day One Edition will include three extra cars and five new paint jobs relating to other Namco Bandai IPs. These are the three new cars:

The Ghoster: This low rider coupe with its electric blue finish isn't for cruisin' but for bruisin'.
The Ghoster

The Immortal: This red super sports beast isn't easy to tame, but it's worth the effort.
The Immortal

The Road Wolf: Eat up the competition with this classic red coupe inspired by cars of the 60's.
The Road Wolf

The five paint jobs will each be available for one specific car, but they can be used both online and in single-player. The Kinghawk GT benefits from a Pac-Man paint job, the Hurricana CX gets a Galaga paint job, whilst the Crimson TT gets a Tekken paintjob. The final two see the Wolfseye GT get a SoulCalibur theme and the Sylvian Type 8 get an Ace Combat theme.

Although pre-order bonuses have not been confirmed for all regions, gamers in the UK who pre-order the game at GAME or Gamestation will get their hands on another six extra cars:

RIDGE RACER 1 Car: The machine from the very first RIDGE RACER that began the legacy.
Ridge Racer 1

The Hearse: A dark and gloomy hearse – with this machine no other car will end the race alive.
The Hearse

RIDGE RACER Type 4 Car: The hero car from RIDGE RACER Type 4, this is a fan favourite from the landmark of arcade racing.
Ridge Racer Type 4

El Mariachi: A flashy orange coupe utility with a crazy engine. If you$B!G(Jre feeling a little bit country, get behind the wheel of this!
El Mariachi

RIDGE RACER 7 Car: The hero car from RIDGE RACER 7, this extreme sports car has a whole lot of power.
Ridge Racer 7

The Gallows: A classic yellow hot rod pick up that stands out a mile in the heat of the race.
The Gallows

Namco Bandai has also released the first making-of video for the game, title 'Behind the Game: Deal With It!'. The main focus is the changes made in what is regarded as a new branch in the franchise and includes some brand new gameplay footage. There's also plenty of footage of the developers messing around in powerful cars.

Those of you who can't watch the developer diary can instead view these screenshots showcasing a variety of cars, game locations and game modes.

City Centre, Shopping Spree, Crinale

City Limits, Crinale

City Limits, Only One Chance, Grover LE

City Limits, Proving Grounds, DeLorean

City Limits, Proving Grounds, King Hawk

City Limits, Public Menace, Truck

City Limits, The Initiation, Wolfs Eye

City Limits, The Unbounded 1

City Limits, The Unbounded 2

City Limits, The Unbounded 3

City Limits, Carnageddon, Shindo Grover

City Limits, Goodbye PD, Behemoth

Lower Eastside, Wheels of Mayhem, Gremlin GS

Lower Eastside, Wheels of Mayhem, Gremlin GS 2

Shopping Spree, Crinale

Upper Eastside, Posh Destruction, Wolfram 1

Upper Eastside, Posh Destruction, Wolfram 2

Upper Eastside, The Punishment, Cop Car

Williams Way, Streets of Anarchy, Shindo Hurricana

Williams Way, The Escape, Shindo Crosshare

Since receiving a release date in November, Ridge Racer Unbounded has since been delayed. The game is now set to release at the end of March, with March 30th being the release date for Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. The release date for North America still seems to be March 6th.
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