Alan Wake's Second Nightmarish Dev Diary

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
We're less than two weeks away from the release of the XBLA title, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and if you're like me, you're more anxious than a Taken in a tanning booth to get your hands on this game. In an effort to quell fans' feverish anticipation, Remedy has released a second developer diary.

This time around, they focus on the setting of the game, as well as the malevolent Mr. Scratch himself. Alan is trapped inside an episode of Night Springs, one of the episodes he wrote no less, and he needs to get out before Mr. Scratch finds his wife, Alice. We also get a peek at the live action cutscenes used in the game, just like previous episodes of the supernatural TV show.

If you missed the first developer diary, you can still check that out, too. Remedy promised three dev diaries, so we should have the third and final video for you next week when they release it.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is due out in week two of the XBLA House Party, on February 22nd for 1200 MSP.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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