Zumba Fitness Rush Launch Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Zumba Fitness: Rush is the follow up to last year's http://www.trueachievements.com/Zumba-xbox-360.htm. Both games allow you to dance and get fit using the magical powers of the Aztec God of Killer Abs, Zumba. Alright, that last part may not be entirely true, but just watch the fun this energetic model has while playing Zumba Fitness Rush:

I, a pasty white librarian, feel woefully inadequate to comment on the fitness properties of these games since the only work out I get is moving books from point A to point A.1 a good ten feet away (library humor, Matrarch is chuckling to herself right now).

Zumba Fitness Rush is available this Monday in North America. That way you can show your significant other how much you care by buying them this game. Then I can swoop in and tell your former significant other what a jerk you were to imply they need to get fit.