Red Dead Redemption Triple XP Currently Live

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
It appears that Rockstar are making a bee-line for the hearts of Red Dead Redemption fans this pre-Valentine's weekend. All gamers can currently enjoy triple XP across all multiplayer modes in the title. The details were explained on the developer's Twitter account earlier:

Enjoy Triple XP in #RedDeadRedemption multiplayer now through the entire weekend worldwide on... Xbox 360
The latest XP-fest follows yesterday's multiplayer event exclusively for players who own the Game of the Year edition. In similar fashion to the last XP event in mid-December, another two limited-edition controllers are on offer in the sweepstakes (accessible through the multiplayer events page) throughout the weekend's event, with runner's up prizes also up for grabs.

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Full details of the XP event, including how to enter the sweepstakes, can be found here.
Credit for this story goes to Devster
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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