Gears of War 3 Weekend Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
This Gears of War 3 weekend event is all soppy, wet and love-based -- to an extent. In preperation for the rapidly-incoming Valentines day, it's time for players to lovingly dive into this weekends event titled, 'Cupid's Wingman'.

This twisted version of Wingman will see lovers players battling it out with a Torque Bow, which only comes equipped with one arrow, but the rest of the weapon pickups will be replaced with more Torque Bows. In addition to the Torque Bow, the one-shot Snub pistol makes a return to the action alongside the Gnasher Shotgun.

Also included in the Cupid event will be new heads for players characters, which are kind of like ugly looking Strawberries with sets of nasty Locust teeth and probably the slimy tounge to go with it too. But of course, a special Valentines day character head wouldn't be the same unless it could be blown away by an exclusively skinned Gnasher Shotgun, which comes in a gorgeous shade of pink underneathe the COG omen. Check out a screenshot of the Valentines head and weapon skin for yourself:


As all Gears gamers should know by now, this event will contribute towards the Socialite and Seriously 3.0 achievements in This event is already underway so fire the game up and join the massive romantic tango.

'Cupids Wingman' runs until 9.00am (EASTERN) on February 15th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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