Star Trek Co-op Title Beams Up a Release Window

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Last year's E3 brought the news of a new co-op centric Star Trek title, based on the rebooted movie and characters, that would allow gamers to play as Kirk and Spock in the events after the JJ Abrams-directed 2009 movie.

Namco/Bandai has now announced that they will be publishing the game and even revealed a release window for the title. You can buddy up with your Trekkie brethren sometime in Q1 of 2013. It's a great distance away for those of you hoping the title would make its 2012 release, but hopefully this pair of screens can appease you, at least a little.

trek 1

trek 2

There hasn't been official word on whether the title of the game will simply be, or renamed later, but whatever it's eventually named, look for it early next year.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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