Gamer Blog Improvements

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago

We added some basic blogging functionality to the site around 18 months ago and, to be honest, it's been needing a bit of an upgrade for a while.

Something lots asked for was to be able to hotlink images or YouTube vids in the same way you can on Solutions. I've added this functionality today. Simply paste the url of the image or video into your blog and it will render out in your blog automatically.

Writing blogs used to be a bit "all-or-nothing" - there was no way to save a draft or preview the blog post. Now, there is a preview button when you are composing your blog. This will show you what your post will look like when published, and at the same time save a Draft of it. When you create new blogs or view your own blog, you'll see a list of the drafts on the right-hand side. Simply click on these to publish, edit, or delete them.

I've also added a perma-link icon to all blog posts so you can paste them elsewhere if you wish to advertise them.

If you have ideas for other functionality you would like us to implement in the blogs, then please post them in this thread.

Additionally, there were a couple of bugs introduced in the Gaming Sessions Improvements released last week that have now been fixed.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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