Battlewagon (WP) Achievements Fixed Via Update

By litepink,
Another mobile game update has come through, this time for from developer IronSun Studios. If you avoided purchasing or starting the title due to the handful of broken achievements the game contained, you’ll be happy to know that this latest patch corrects all issues relating to achievements. The developers also made some gameplay and design changes as well, which are outlined in the patch details.

WPCentral obtained the official release notes for Version 1.1:

•All Achievements are now attainable
•Added a restart button to the Pause menu
•Changed the wagon launching mechanism
•Added a power and angle indicator for lobbing
Battlewagon was released December 14th, 2011. This is the second LIVE enabled Windows Phone title from IronSun Studios, with IonBallEX (WP) preceding it. You can familiarize yourself with Battlewagon by viewing our previous coverage of the game.

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