Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise Details

By Mark Delaney,
Developer Qooc Soft has announced their rookie effort in video gaming, a new beat 'em up inspired by "ancient Chinese tales of revenge and retribution" titled http://www.trueachievements.com/KungFu-Strike-The-Warri....htm that is intended for Xbox LIVE Arcade. We covered it previously if you want to see more of it. They're calling the game a fast-paced, old school arcade game featuring over-the-top kung fu movies and a fluid combat system. The game will also support two-player co-op if you can't handle the adventure solo, as well as a versus mode.

They went on to summarize the game's story:
Kung Fu Strike tells the story of General Loh, a warrior struggling to avenge his father’s death while around him ancient China spirals out of control due to warring factions that threaten to split the country apart. Will Loh find out who is responsible for his father’s death? Can he save his homeland from destruction? And will he ever discover what the mysterious ‘Zen Room of Emptiness’ is?
Along with the new details came a new comic book-styled trailer and some screenshots.

KF 1

KF 2

KF 3

No release window or pricing was announced.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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