Kinect Sports: S2 Challenge Pack #2 Incoming

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Free. It's every gamer's favorite word. It means no pre-order necessary, no pay-as-you-go, no "upgrade to the premium version" -- when something is free, gamers rejoice. It's an expensive hobby, so for Kinect Sports: Season Two to be releasing another free Challenge Pack is great news for anyone with the game, or for anyone planning on getting it. Here's what the new content pack includes:

Receiver Fever (Football)
Dodge tackles and pass to pop-up receivers, not cheerleaders!

Pitcher Perfect (Baseball)
Flex your throwing arm and start shattering the targets!

Top Jumps (Skiing)
Thunder off the end of the ramp and see how far you can fly!

Prize Driver (Golf)
Swing at prizes on the conveyor belt to boost your winnings!

Red Rally, Yellow Rally (Tennis)
Pack two racquets to keep both coloured balls in play!

Darts Vs Zombies (Darts)
Throw fast to protect your pizza from the living dead!

You can also check out their first free Challenge Pack if you're interested. You can download the second Challenge Pack on March 1st.
Credit for this story goes to ChadMarc
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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