Lots of New Resident Evil 6 Details Revealed

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Capcom recently revealed a great deal of information about its highly anticipated sixth numbered entry into the Resident Evil franchise. We already knew Chris Redfield's part of the story was to take place in China, but we can now confirm the exact location will be in a fictional, coastal town called Lanshiang, and the game itself takes place in 2013. Chris has rejoined the BSAA to uncover a bioterrorism threat six months after "suffering a personal trauma".

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Leon, on the other hand, was recruited directly by the President of the United States, Adam Benford, alongside a new protagonist named Helena Harper. Miss Harper admits to Leon (though we can't be sure she is being truthful) that she is the cause of the latest, nightmarish plague. She is a government employee who was in line to become a personal bodyguard for the President before the proverbial feces hit the fan.

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Capcom is still remaining tight-lipped as to the name of the third playable character, but they have revealed he is a money-hungry mercenary who is told he can "save the world", and only takes up the opportunity when he realizes it may be a lucrative opportunity.

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The previous announcement trailer also revealed that zombies would be making a glorious return to the series with Resident Evil 6, but this time, they're a bit smarter. They can now jump at you, carry weapons, and they can run. Thankfully, with evolved enemies comes an evolved control scheme. Capcom added that Resident Evil 6's controls will be re-imagined to include moving while shooting, diving in any direction, and some sort of cover system, though the extent of that -- being either a contextual or free-moving cover system -- is not yet known.

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The other primary type of enemy is called the J'avo, which is Serbian for 'demon'. They remain partially human and can understand speech, function together in groups, and can also use weapons. They also have a surely frustrating ability to self-heal and even alter their physiology in advantageous ways, like a shot-off limb becoming a grasping tentacle.

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The developer/publisher didn't confirm if the game's tone would be split in half like some have suggested. Many feel, based on trailers and screens so far, that Chris' side of the story will be more action-oriented and Leon's missions will be more akin to classic, survival-horror Resident Evil. It would be a nice twist on the game's presentation, but we'll have to wait for further information to confirm that.

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Having read all of these new details, and seen more of the game, what is your opinion on Capcom's next installment into the world-famous survival-horror/action series? Resident Evil 6 is due out on November 20th.
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Mark Delaney
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