Naruto Shippunden UNSG Trailer Duo

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
There's been a few Naruto Shipuden trailers; just take a peek at that link. Today we bring you two more trailers entitled Kakashi's Story and 'Duo of Fate' VS 'Dangerous Characters'.

Let's tackle Kakashi first, and we'll let Namco Bandai handle the introduction:

Here is an introduction to the Kakashi's story from the Story mode of Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. This exclusive story, supported by new anime sequences from Studio Pierrot will let you discover more about the youth of Kakashi, when he teamed with Obito and Minato.

Next up is of course 'Duo of Fate' VS 'Dangerous Characters'. This video arrives as the result of a Facebook poll and, again, here's Namco Bandai's blurb:

The team 'Duo of Fate' including the mysterious Masked Man and Minato as support faces the team 'Dangerous characters' made of Kisame and Itachi.

You can vote for upcoming trailer content by visiting the official Naruto Facebook page. In the meantime, we'll finish with a release date reminder. It's February 23rd for Japan, March 13th for North America, and March 30th for Europe.