More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Detailed

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Unlike many RPGs, which may see post-release DLC of something along the lines of an item pack, Square is apparently keen on sticking to its promise that their recently released Final Fantasy XIII-2 will receive regular additional content.

At the end of the month, in Japan at least, three new pieces of content will arrive for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

First up, we have Serah's Bikini outfit:
Serah DLC Costume 1

Serah DLC Costume 2

Serah DLC Costume 3

Serah DLC Costume 4

Next is Noel in his new Knight costume:
Noel DLC Costume 1

Noel DLC Costume 2

Noel DLC Costume 3

Noel DLC Costume 4

Finally, here are some screens of Sazh, who will star in a new episode of the game title "Heads or Tails":
Sazh Story 1

Sazh Story 2

Sazh Story 3

If the title of the new scenario didn't immediately bring gambling to mind, well, it should have. The content takes place in Xanadu, the casino city, and will introduce two new games: Xanadu Poker and Chrono Bind.
New Xanadu Games 2

New Xanadu Games 1

New Xanadu Games 3

New Xanadu Games 4

New Xanadu Games 5

New Xanadu Games 6

All of this DLC will be available on February 21st in Japan. The two costumes will cost 240 MSP each, and the Sazh scenario will cost 400 MSP. Keep an eye on our weekly DLC round-ups for information about release dates for all of this content!
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Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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