Indie Games Spotlight for February 19th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Firefly Vegas is a colorful twin-stick shooter reminiscent of Geometry Wars.

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FireFly Vegas – an intergalactic themed casual twin stick arena shooter with action packed retro arcade gameplay, vibrant graphics, a frenzy of visually impressive particles systems and custom atmospheric audio. Developed using the R.A.C.E (RockMint Application Construction Engine) and bespoke music by Phatso Records, providing an intense, immersive and highly playable dynamic gaming experience.

RELEASE DATE: 12/17/2011
GENRE: Shooter

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Dolby Digital
I am not sure there can be a twin-stick shooter game that doesn't get an immediate comparison to Geometry Wars. This does not mean that all twin-stick shooters did not improve on the formula, however.

Firefly Vegas struck me as a vibrant, colorful, twin-stick shooter aimed at the more casual player. It has the same basic gameplay mechanics you have come to expect, however, I feel it made a slight improvement by adding power-ups that are pick-ups, instead of randomly awarded to you as you progress. This allows you to be a bit more strategic about your weapon upgrades over the course of your game session.

Survival and Timed scoring modes are available, in two difficulty options. The game has also made some upgrades in the types of enemies you will be facing, in addition to the quickly dispatched normal enemy types, you will also encounter stronger enemies that will take multiple shots to dispatch.

Overall, I think this game warrants a trial if you love twin-stick shooters. The graphics are great, very colorful, and the game-play is tight. I also feel the modifications to the game-play make this more than just a Geometry Wars clone. You can buy this title for 240 MSP.

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Written by mancide
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