Naruto Generations Getting a Special Edition

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
The increasingly popular Naruto anime and manga franchise has been dominating nerdy Netflix instant queues for years now. It's no secret that the western world has really adopted the boy ninja as a fan favorite. With the next game in the series,, you'll have a chance to prove just how much you love Naruto with the newly announced Card Edition of the game.

The game will be utilizing real-life collectible cards that act as boosters for the game. There will be 120 different cards in total, and although any version of the game will come packaged with a booster pack of eight cards, the Card Edition will come with a Starter Pack with 50 more. Here's the official word on those and other bonuses inside the special edition:

This Card Edition will include: a card Starter Set, a poster with an exclusive message from Masashi Kishimoto celebrating the 10 million units sales of the Naruto Video games from NAMCO BANDAI Games and the game disc with a card booster pack.

·The Starter set contains a complete ready-to-play deck of 50 cards, Instruction book, Play sheet and Poster. (The cards that come with the Starter Set do not carry the password that links to the videogame.)

·The booster pack contains 8 cards inside, from the selection of 120 cards in total, and it will be offered in both Day 1 standard edition and Card Edition of the game. Cards in the Booster PKG are fully compatible with the video game. The Booster PKG and Starter Set will also be available as stand-alone in GAME and Gamestation stores and online at
As you may have noted, they mention the European retailers, but no other regional stores, so it isn't yet clear if this box set is European exclusive. We'll look into that and update you when we know. The game itself is due out on March 13th in North America and March 30th in Europe.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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