Asura's Wrath DLC Details

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Three days ago we showcased a bizarre teaser screenshot from upcoming DLC for Asura's Wrath. The DLC appeared to be something borrowed from one of Capcom's fighting titles, such as Street Fighter, and nobody was really sure what it meant. Capcom has now not only confirmed the details of that DLC, but they've also released details for two more pieces of DLC that will be arriving first.

The first two pieces of DLC will allow gamers to play out events in between certain episodes of the game. Both chapters will use a new artistic style inspired by the world of anime. The first DLC is "Chapter 11.5" and will explain the events in between episodes 11 and 12.

Chapter 11.5 Screen 1

Chapter 11.5 Screen 2

Chapter 11.5 Screen 3

The second piece of DLC is "Chapter 15.5" and will explain events in between episodes 15 and 16.

Chapter 15.5 Screen 1

Chapter 15.5 Screen 2

Chapter 15.5 Screen 3

The third piece of the DLC is the one that was teased the other day. Asura will face one of his greatest battles when he takes on the greatest fighters from Street Fighter, such as Ryu. The fights will see the strongest warriors battle possibly the world's angriest deity.

DLC 3 Ryu vs. Akura

DLC 3 Screen 1

The game itself launched this week. As a result, we have the inevitable launch trailer to show you too.

Asura's Wrath launched in North America yesterday. The game is due to be released in Australasia and most of Europe on Friday. Unfortunately the game was delayed in the UK and will not be released there until March 9th.
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