Meet the Prototype 2 Virus Infected Enemies

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Over the last few weeks we've been introducing you to some of the characters that you'll meet in Our first article introduced you to the two main characters, and that was swiftly followed by their two main allies or support characters if you like. Moving away from friendly characters, we then introduced you to James Heller's two main enemies and two important figureheads in New York Zero, neither of whom would appreciate Heller's intervention. Today we introduce you to five of the more common virus infected enemies that players will encounter. You wouldn't want to meet these hideous creatures on a dark night.


Brawlers are thought to be created through Blacklight pustules: biomass wombs that are large enough to encase a fully grown man. Normal infected (whom we meet later) enter a cocoon state, surround themselves with the pustule and transform into a brawler. These monsters are born in a fully-formed state and are always ready for a fight. Brawlers are large, incredibly strong and savage. They need to devour flesh to survive and they are extremely predatory, intelligent and dangerous. They run around on all fours, can leap several storeys into the air and wield a pair of foot-long razor sharp claws.

Of all the monsters, Brawlers are the fastest and most savage. They can easily keep up with a vehicle and just as easily topple it with a shoulder-check. Their flesh is pinkish, hairless, and glows with Blacklight-infused muscle fiber. They are incredibly strong and can sustain large amounts of damage before dying. Otherwise, they are simply very large humanoids that move on all fours.
Brawler Screen 1

Brawler Screen 2


Nobody knows where the Flyers came from; they began to appear in the skies of NYZ once the second outbreak began. The monsters resemble vultures and they spread the plague by attacking anything that stands or flies into the open. The one thing that is certain about the Flyers are that they were never human. The most popular theory is that they were once city birds, such as pigeons, crows or starlings, which were infected and mutated by the Blacklight virus.

Flyers look like diseased vultures. They have pinkish flesh, scraggly feathers, and gnarled faces. Their wingspan is approximately two meters and they have bulk sufficient to knock a helicopter out of the sky. Their favorite attack method is to perform a high-speed dive-bomb. They mass in flocks.
Flyer Concept Art 1

Flyer Concept Art 2


Nobody knows where the Hydras came from either. Their three-storey tall tentacles burst from the ground and will swat at anything unlucky enough to be in their way. They are smart enough to burrow under the ground to reach more advantageous positions and will erupt from the ground underneath tanks, buildings or enemy strongholds. Hydras may be animal-like appendages that extend from the biomass itself, which has never been sighted.

Hydras are pink- and red-glowing tapered worms. They are usually six feet wide at the base, where they erupt from the ground. Their mouths are topped with two bone-like mandibles that form a long pointed scoop. These mandibles can separate to reveal a mouth that spits out a tongue. This tongue can grab enemies and bring them closer for a titanic slap from the tentacle itself or, presumably, to be devoured.
Hydra Concept Art 1

Hydra Concept Art 2


These are the most common enemy that players will face. These creatures used to be humans that were infected by the Blacklight virus. The virus didn't kill them but failed to activate any dormant DNA that was present in the victim. These zombie-like enemies will awaken from unconsciousness but will only have the intelligence of a predatory animal. They only seek to devour other flesh and organs of both living and dead creatures. Although these creatures appear in hordes, they only represent approximately 1% of virus victims. This art represents just a few of the forms that the infected can take:

Infected Concept Art 1

Infected Concept Art 2

Infected Concept Art 3

Infected retain a humanoid appearance but manifest various tumors and other viral growths that tear through clothing and greatly alter their silhouette. They have average speed, enhanced strength, and can be killed the same way as a regular human.
Infected Screenshot 1

Infected Screenshot 2


Juggernauts have mutated from ordinary Infected, but they are now as large as a small truck and are very hard to kill. As their name suggests, they are the equivalent of the tank units in the legions of the Blacklight creatures. They may be slow moving, but they are powerful, heavily armoured and wield huge, heavy fists capable of deflecting the majority of attacks. Juggernauts are widely believed to be born from Blacklight pustules, but nobody has ever observed a pustule that would be large enough to spawn such a creature.

Juggernaut Screen

Juggernauts are usually grey-skinned, belying their rock-like flesh. When properly angled, their flesh deflect rockets and other powerful, high-speed attacks. Their primary attack method is simple: they smash their hammer-like fists on the enemy. Some variants of the Juggernaut have been shown to agitate the biomass running beneath the city, summoning a wave of spikes from the ground.
Juggernaut Concept Art

Prototype 2 is due to be released on April 24th, 2012 in North America and Australasia, and April 27th in Europe. All players who pre-order Prototype 2 will be guaranteed to get a RADNET edition of the game, the details of which can be found here. Alternatively, grab yourselves a copy of the Blackwatch Collector's Edition.
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