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By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
If you're anything like me, and who's to say you're not, you enjoy the finer things in life: squirrel racing, "normaling" with the wife, and doggies. You're probably also devoting too much of your life to the demo, leveling your multiple MP characters, taking down Cerberus operatives, cursing the cowboys who run into kill clusters of Phantoms and Guardians and need rescuing, and counting down the days until the game's full retail release.

Fortunately, BioWare is giving gamers a chance to get their hands on the game early by presenting Mass Effect 3: Space Edition, which will see copies of the game launched into space (via high altitude balloons) in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris, and Berlin. These games will be trackable via GPS locators, so fans can hunt them (and not each other... hopefully) down.

But don't just take it from me, let's cue some beautiful Batarian footage:

Be sure to check out the game's official site for full details on launches and tracking data.

Also in Mass Effect 3 news is the announcement of the game's first DLC pack, "From Ashes".

"From Ashes" will be available at launch as Day 1 DLC and is included for free in the Collector's Edition copies. Details on this DLC are sparse at this time, but one sentence has been made public.


Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member in Mass Effect 3: From Ashes.

Now before the pitchforks and torches come out at the mere mention of Day 1 DLC, Casey Hudson, Executive Director of the Mass Effect series, took to Twitter to explain exactly HOW the process behind Day 1 DLC works at BioWare:

It takes about 3 months from "content complete" to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs. In that time we work on DLC.

DLC has fast cert and no mfg., so if a team works very hard, they can get a DLC done in time to enjoy it with your 1st playthrough on day 1.

On #ME3, content creators completed the game in January & moved onto the "From Ashes" DLC, free w/ the CE or you can buy seperately.
Gamers who did not purchase the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 can still pick up "From Ashes" for 800 MSP.

Mass Effect 3 is set for release on March 6th in North America and March 9th in Europe. The demo (containing both single player and multiplayer modes) can be downloaded here.

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