NBA LIVE 07 - Online With 1,000 Players!

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
This is a reminder for those involved and a chance to join in for those who missed my last post.

This Saturday, at 7:00 PM GMT, an attempt to earn the Online with 1,000 Players achievement for NBA LIVE 07 will be made. If you plan on signing on at that time, are looking for more details, or have not yet acquired the game... please take the appropriate actions!

To sign up to the boosting session, visit: Boosting Gaming Session for NBA LIVE 07

For more details, you can send a Private Message to: PHUTURE 909

And last but not least, for North American users, Gamestop is selling used copies of the game for $5. This is your chance to get an achievement that has been deemed nearly impossible, due to the circumstances.

So, tell your friends, tell your loved ones--make people buy Xbox 360's if they need to. If you explain the dire circumstances, they will understand and drop $300 for a great cause! *

What are you waiting for?

Sign up and let's make it happen!

* slight lie
Credit for this story goes to PHUTURE 909