Max Payne 3 Story Trailer Gets Annotations

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Nearly two weeks ago, Rockstar released the second official story trailer for The trailer showed Max, who is no longer a policeman, taking a job in Brazil protecting the family of a wealthy businessman. Things go wrong when she is kidnapped. Now, the trailer has been re-released with a constant string of annotations giving us more information about the game.

Make sure that you have annotations turned on while viewing this video, otherwise you'll see no difference between this and the video we published two weeks ago. The first annotation appears six seconds into the video, so you'll need to turn annotations on if you can't see this. Annotations can be toggled on/off using the red speech bubble at the bottom of the video window. Follow this link to view the video, as annotations don't work when the video is embedded.

The chaos starts when Max Payne 3 releases in North America on May 15th and Europe and Australasia on May 18th. Those of you who wish to buy the special edition version of the title have until April 2nd to do so. Check out the pre-order details here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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