Zombies!!! (WP) to Get Premium DLC Content

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
A couple of days ago, Zombies!!! (WP) got another update, "version 1.2" to be precise. All that the update did is add another free ringtone to the game, which can be found under the options menu if you wish to check it out. This doesn't sound particularly exciting now does it? Well, what is exciting is the news that the game will be the first Windows Phone game to receive premium DLC to extend the amount of gamerscore available.

WP Central found out that this new DLC, titled "Zombies!!! 3.5: Not Dead Yet!", will add 18 new cards, new animations and more to the game. There will also be five new achievements worth a total of 50G, making this the only WP game to have a total of 250G so far.

Zombies!!! is also due to add online multiplayer to its list of gameplay features, but that is not set to be added with the upcoming DLC. It is likely that the multiplayer feature will be added in the next update.

The release date and price for the DLC has not been confirmed, but the add-on is thought to be due within the next couple of months.
Credit for this story goes to GameTagwastaken
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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