Kinect Sports: Season Two Challenge Pack 2 Arrives

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
We all know that people love free DLC. had already done more than it needed to do to appease fans by releasing the free "Challenge Pack #1" back in November 2011. With six new mini-games, one for each sport, the pack was well received by the TA community despite not having any additional achievements.

Rare and Big Park have now done it again. Today saw the release of "Challenge Pack #2", another free pack of mini-games. Each sport gets one more mini game as well as extra challenges to send to your friends. There aren't any additional achievements I'm afraid.

Kinect Sports: Season Two gets another free serving of fantastic new game modes and challenges to send to friends! Throw yourself headlong into Receiver Fever (American Football), Top Jumps (Skiing), Darts Vs Zombies (Darts), Pitcher Perfect (Baseball), Prize Driver (Golf) and Red Rally, Yellow Rally (Tennis).
For more details on this DLC, as well as a trailer for you to view, check out our previous coverage here.

"Kinect Sports: Season Two - Challenge Pack #2" can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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