Awesomenauts Gets Split-Screen Action

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Ronimo Games' upcoming XBLA 2D platformer,, is set in the year 3587. Robot armies are locked in conflict but events have reached stalemate. A team of mercenaries are hoping to change this: the Awesomenauts. Each team consists of three characters and up to two teams can battle it out for glory and experience points.

Instead of limiting the co-op play to online modes only, Awesomenauts will allow up to three players to play on the same console in a move that seems to buck the current trend in gaming. Players can choose to face another team of three players online or move into offline mode, where your team will face AI bots instead. There will be a roster of six unique characters from which to choose, so each of the six players online can choose their own character. Each character has their own skills and upgrades to suit different play styles.

Check out the latest trailer to see exactly how the split-screen mode will work:

At the end of that trailer, you may have noticed a soundtrack that had a distinct 80's throwback feel to it. Since the introduction of that song in many of their trailers, fans have been clamouring for that short snippet to be extended into a full song. Sonic Picnic, the studio behind the game's audio, has listened. That song has now been extended and will be released to the public once the finishing touches have been made. For now, have a look at this developer diary that has a look at the game's audio production:

I feel a little bad that vocalist Jeffrey Zuhdy can hit much higher notes than I'll ever be able to reach. For the sake of my fiancé, that's probably a good thing though.

Awesomenauts is due to be released in "a few weeks’ time".
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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