Mass Effect 3 Save Import Issue

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
One of the big reasons why Mass Effect is such a ground-breaking franchise is that it has (effectively) pioneered the save import, allowing gamers to bring their saves from into and seeing the full repercussions of all of those decisions come to fruition in their upcoming finale, Unfortunately, BioWare has found a small issue with importing some of those Mass Effect 2 saves into the finale.

Said problem revolves around saves that have been stored to the cloud (blessings and praise to thy name). Evidently, Mass Effect 2 saves that were sent to the cloud cannot be imported into Mass Effect 3. Fortunately, there is a work-around.

If your Mass Effect 2 save is stored in the cloud, you're encouraged to simply transfer that save back to the 360 on which you made it and everything should be fine.

As with all technical issues, be sure to check out EA's official forum post on the matter if you have concerns.

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Mass Effect 3 is set to indoctrinate your life this Tuesday, March 6th (North America) and Friday, March 9th (everywhere else).

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Jonathan Barnes
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