Straight Up Gameplay From Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

By DavieMarshall, 5 years ago
Some games need no introduction based upon their prior history, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is one such title. With an impressive history of service to gaming under its belt, we all know by now just what to expect from the latest iteration in the series. It's all about the gameplay and the controls.

The graphics are pretty much as good as they can be, the create a golfer option as detailed as one would hope, and the courses varied and photorealistic. What we all want to know is 'how does it play'? EA can attempt to answer this question for you with a raw and unedited video that shows two holes from Crooked Creek Golf Club with a golfer new to the series, Dustin Johnson.

If you've not heard much on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, where have you been? There's a huge library of reading material, screenshots and videos all waiting for you in our previous coverage list, which covers everything you could possibly hope to know about the title.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will be available on March 27th in North America and March 30th in Europe. This will likely be unavailable at GAME and Gamestation for UK gamers, full details here.