First Girl Fight Character and Arena Revealed

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
A couple of weeks ago Microprose and Kung Fu Factory revealed that they would be bringing their Kung Fu Fighter Girl Fight to XBLA. Now, we have details to share with you about the first character and arena announced for the title.

First, let us introduce you to Wrench who represents the game's "tank" class of fighters:


Wrench is the most brilliant mind the world has ever seen. She entered MIT at the age of 15 and graduated at 19 with a triple major in electrical engineering, computer science, and physics. She changed the world by developing a method for safely fusing atomic nuclei and has advanced almost every field of medicine with advanced surgical inventions.

In 2012, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for her multitude of contributions to the fields of science, energy, medicine, and military transport. However, in order to accomplish so many things by the age of 26, she has sacrificed every other aspect of her life - a decision that she will soon come to regret.

She is entirely unaware that an organization operating from the shadows plans to use one of her own inventions against her...
In Girl Fight, each character has her own arena to call home. Wrench's is 'Mech Battle', which is pictured below:
Arena 1

Mech Battle is like a cross between the ultimate gear head garage and a post-apocalyptic mech battle zone and features an intricately detailed, dynamic metallic background.
Need to see more? Here are twenty screens with the ladies of Girl Fight in action, including one with Wrench in an alternate costume:
3/7/12 Screen 1

3/7/12 Screen 2

3/7/12 Screen 3

3/7/12 Screen 4

3/7/12 Screen 5

3/7/12 Screen 6

3/7/12 Screen 7

3/7/12 Screen 8

3/7/12 Screen 9

3/7/12 Screen 10

3/7/12 Screen 11

3/7/12 Screen 12

3/7/12 Screen 13

3/7/12 Screen 14

3/7/12 Screen 15

3/7/12 Screen 16

3/7/12 Screen 17

3/7/12 Screen 18

3/7/12 Screen 19

3/7/12 Screen 20

Girl Fight, which sees the fighters battle both 'physically and metaphysically' to earn their way out of the clutches of the shadowy Foundation, will be released this Spring.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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