TA Gaming Stats - Feb 27th to March 4th 2012

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Take note of this line:

This report is for the period February 27th to March 4th 2012.

Did you read that? Good. Now if anyone asks why Mass Effect 3 is not listed on these stats, you may punch them in the face. With that out of the way, let's move on to the last week of stats before the Reapers come and eat our planet.

Games Started
16,638 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 24,517 games between them (1,502 different games).

I'd like to call this chart, "A Tale of Two Marketing Strategies". In one corner, we have SSX, a game that bombarded our senses over the past two weeks. In the other corner, we have Binary Domain, another new release and one that did not bombard anything this past week.

Other than that interesting dichotomy, you'll note that everyone was saving money for the following week, which was actually last week, since you're reading this on March 11th.

Top Retail Games Started

Dear developers of XBLA titles, please stop trying to re-invent Quake, which even Quake Arena Arcade was unable to do when it debuted many, many months ago. Nexuiz was doomed from the start; it's just that no one had the heart to tell you poor, poor people at Illfonic. If only their publisher, THQ, had stepped in.....hey wait a minute, THQ? That explains everything!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare continues to sell like crazy and there's a good chance it will be the most popular House Party title. That is unless, of course, the well reviewed on TA I Am Alive somehow overtakes it next week.

Top Arcade Games Started

Oddly enough, the top arcade title would have been number 2 on the retail chart while the top Windows Phone title would have been at number 3 on the retail chart. Somehow that makes me believe everything is working as intended this week.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) destroyed the competition, just as expected considering the pedigree.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
5,965 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 8,550 games between them (1,091 different games).

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is number one? Oh right, that single player DLC just recently came out. For some reason I thought that was a few weeks ago. Considering the game was released in November, having three DLC add-ons by the second week of March is a little insane.

Also insane? The amount of RPGs appearing on this list. I really need to take the time to sit down and finish off Final Fantasy XIII one day. I can not be the only one that sees this chart and thinks, "Man, I should really go back and finish that game."

Top Retail Games Completed

Speaking of older games that need to be completed, I recently tried my hand at Doritos Crash Course again. So kudos to those 28 brave souls that had the intestinal fortitude to finish that game off last week. I can barely clear Europe 3!

What's the over/under on how much longer Bastion (Xbox 360) remains on this chart? Shockingly, over 10,000 gamers have yet to finish the TrueAchievement XBLA Game of 2011.

Top Arcade Games Completed

The weekly Collapse! (WP) watch is now at 173 gamers needed for 100% completion.

I also enjoy seeing Bug Village (WP) climb the chart now that it has been patched. Amazing how once a game is fixed, people will play it.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
45,609 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 544,642 achievements online between them (41,644 different achievements).

I'm not going to discuss these individually, but rather as a whole. You will note that again, we had a game sweep the retail chart, another swept the WP chart and of course, the XBLA chart was stopped from a sweep by 2 achievements in a second game.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre

Any guesses on how this chart will look next week?

Before I forget, I should mention that is a rhetorical question.

  • Shooter4,368,817
  • Action-Adventure3,625,293
  • Role-Playing2,959,633
  • Sports2,098,479
  • Action1,701,843
  • Racing786,961
  • Platformer440,074
  • Music and Rhythm371,933
  • Party266,668
  • Puzzle254,455

Join me next week when I have to come with things to say about a franchise I didn't even like when there was only one installment.

Now if you're very quiet, you can hear osubluejacket removing me from his friend's list.