Street Fighter x Tekken Media Explosion

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Street Fighter X Tekken is almost here, so enjoy the (hopefully) last gasp of pre-release media hype. First up, some prologue videos highlighting different pairings and why they are involved in the cross-promotional fisticuffs.

Asuka and Lilli from Tekken:

Julia and Bob from Tekken:

Rolento and Ibuki from Street Fighter:

Dhalsim and Sagat from Street Fighter:

Capcom and Namco also got together and showed off some screenshots of upcoming costume DLC that has a rather unique twist: Tekken characters are wearing Street Fighter outfits and vice versa.

3/5/12 DLC costumes 1

3/5/12 DLC costumes 2

3/5/12 DLC costumes 3

3/5/12 DLC costumes 4

3/5/12 DLC costumes 5

3/5/12 DLC costumes 6

3/5/12 DLC costumes 7

Finally, here's a 20 minute video highlighting Chun-Li and Poison done by the team at Fingercramp and presented by Capcom.

Street Fighter x Tekken is available now in the US and this Friday in Europe and Australasia.