GAME and Gamestation Suffer Capcom Setback (UK)

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
It has been confirmed that following the EA stock level crisis, another huge setback has hit GAME and Gamestation in the UK as Capcom have confirmed that their big releases Street Fighter X Tekken and Asura's Wrath will not be available for any platform through Game Group's high street stores.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Capcom offered a detailed confirmation of the news. Details regarding pre-orders are marked with our emphasis for concerned readers:

Unfortunately Capcom must confirm that Street Fighter x Tekken for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Asura's Wrath, both scheduled for release on Friday March 9, will not be stocked by GAME or Gamestation either in their retail outlets or on their online stores operating in the UK and Ireland. Capcom wants to reassure its consumers that both these titles, including the Special Edition of Street Fighter X Tekken, will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Ireland.

For those consumers who have already placed a deposit for a pre-order for any of these titles then a full refund will be available - please contact your local GAME or Gamestation shop or visit the online stores.

All these titles listed above are available for pre-order or to purchase on day of release from the following outlets: HMV,,,, The Hut and leading independent stockists as well as supermarket chains.

So there you have it; if you have a reservation with GAME or Gamestation it's time to head down to a store, pick up the phone or fire up your browser to obtain your full refund. Please remember though guys, whilst you might be angry, you'll be speaking to employees who are no doubt suffering as well. Right now the future for Game Group is looking shaky; it's not their fault.

Looking ahead of Capcom's impending releases, what does this mean for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City? Well at the moment, it's unclear. Here's a statement from Capcom:

At present no decision has been made as to whether Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, scheduled for release on PS3 & Xbox 360 on March 23 and PC on May 18 will be available to purchase from GAME/Gamestation
These issues are a result of Game Groups troubles with obtaining credit to purchase stock. It looks like recovery for the company will now be an immense uphill battle, with rumours abound that bosses may pull the plug on GAME to prevent even greater losses.

We'll have more on the future of Game Group, affected releases and updates for you guys as they happen.
Credit for this story goes to anthony2690