Online Pass Required For Ninja Gaiden 3

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
If you have an all black suit, rubber soled shoes, a sword (or very large knife) and a will to kill, we're afraid it won't get you very far without an online pass. Tecmo-Koei has confirmed to Joystiq that Ninja Gaiden III will make use of the infamous online pass to restrict the online multiplayer.

On that bombshell we'll try and cheer some of you up with some screens, a gameplay video and a dev diary. That's just the tip of the iceberg though, and there's a lot more besides. Don't forget to read up on the pre-order benefits too.

Ninja Gaiden III is scheduled for release on March 20th for North America, March 22nd for Japan, and March 23rd for Europe.