Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Augusta Preview

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
https://www.trueachievements.com/Tiger-Woods-PGA-TOUR-1....htm will see the return of the world famous Augusta National Golf Club. Although the main course will be included in all editions of the game, the club's world-class Tournament Practice Facility and special Par 3 course will be some of the content included exclusively in the Collector's Edition. EA has provided an overview of Augusta's Par 3 course to try and tempt you to upgrade to the Collector's Edition.

Those of you who can't view the trailer can take a look at these screenshots instead:

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 2

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 6

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 7

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 10

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 11

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 12

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 13

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 16

7/3/12 Augusta National Hole 18

These courses will be released as post-release DLC to owners of the standard edition, but a release date and price has not yet been announced. One thing that potential game owners can get their hands on right now is the game's demo. The demo is 1.71 GB in size and can be downloaded from here. As usual, the demo is exclusive to Gold Xbox LIVE members until March 13th.

With all-new features authentically replicating your golf game like never before, the world's #1 selling golf game is back putting your swing to the test in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13. The demo brings your real-life swing to life with a completely revamped swing mechanic that allows you to create millions of possible shot combinations with a single club. Download today and find out how to create your very own online country club that will allow you to connect, compete and collect with your friends like never before!
Do you need a reason to try out the demo? Lead designer Mike DeVault takes his game room onto the Grand Cypress golf resort in a bid to explain why you should try it out. As well as being able to sample some of the game's new features, he reveals a special in-game reward that gamers will receive just for playing the demo.

Those of you who can't watch the trailer should instead have a quick look at these screenshots:

7/3/12 Demo: Rickie Fowler at Augusta National

7/3/12 Demo: Rickie Fowler at Kiawah Island

7/3/12 Demo: Tiger Woods at Augusta National 1

7/3/12 Demo: Tiger Woods at Augusta National 2

7/3/12 Demo: Tiger Woods at Kiawah Island 1

7/3/12 Demo: Tiger Woods at Kiawah Island 2

7/3/12 Demo: Tiger Woods at Kiawah Island 3

Finally, the game has made an appearance as part of Microsoft's Spring Showcase at this week's Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco. There are a handful of new screenshots as a result:

7/3/12 Spring Showcase 1

7/3/12 Spring Showcase 2

7/3/12 Spring Showcase 3

7/3/12 Spring Showcase 4

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 is due to be released on March 27th in North America, March 29th in Australasia and March 30th in Europe. Check out the pre-order bonuses here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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