Phishing Scam - Details Enclosed

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
This should have been posted yesterday, and perhaps it could have prevented some of you for falling prey to this scam. I offer my humblest apologies that it was not. This has taken down several users on my friends list and I am sad to say they have lost the ability to use their account (play on Xbox LIVE) for around two weeks.

The phishing scam is a message you will receive from your friend that looks like the following:

URL (hidden for protection)

M2AF: HOLY SHIT!!! FREE 1600 Microsoft Point Codes Sponsored by Gears of War 2. Limited time only... You're Welcome! PS keep logging in and you will keep getting 1600 codes!!!

URL (hidden for protection)
If you receive this message, I urge you not to go to the link. I also would recommend you find a way to contact your friend and let him know his account has been hacked.

I hope this will help those of you it hasn't yet caught, but I fear I may be too late.