Alpha Protocol Delayed Again

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
As you may have noticed, Alpha Protocol did not release yesterday as planned. Waiting until the eleventh hour to announce the delay, Sega has pushed back the release date into 2010.

Alpha Protocol can now join the plethora of other games pushed back until next year. It seems to be all the rage lately for developers to announce arbitrary release dates, with apparently full knowledge that they will not stick to them.

If this is truly a move designed to improve the game in some fashion then more power to them. It seems to this writer, however, that this has simply become a marketing tool to draw attention to a game far in advance of its actual release. A rather unsavory practice and, if true, a blatant abuse of their customers.

Sega's website now lists a vague release date of "spring 2010", if anyone still cares...or is willing to believe them.