TA Competition: Spring Clean Out!

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Spring brings with it many changes; warmer weather, tiny baby things to go 'awww' at, and the utter hell of clearing out old things that you've stockpiled over the last twelve months. Well we didn't have any ducklings to give away, and we haven't finished our weather machine just yet. So we thought we'd hold a giveaway of mismatched items we found around the TA office because we're the website that loves to keep on giving to it's community!

So what's on the giveaway list?

- Gears of War 3 (NTSC)
- Tropico 4 (PAL)
- Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (NTSC)
- LIMBO (Xbox 360)
- Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
- Mercury Hg (x2)

We'll be drawing winners randomly for items in the order they're listed above via random.org as always. Please make sure you've filled in your location on your TA profile so we can match the region specific discs up to valid winners!

All comments posted to this thread will be entered, it's as simple as that! Good luck!

Rules and Regulations
- This competition is unavailable to TA Staff members
- Entry is via a comment to this thread
- The winner will be chosen at random by random.org
- One prize per winner
- Entries close on Monday March 12th at 12PM GMT
This contest is now closed.