GAME & Gamestation's Two Weeks To Turn It Around

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
As a very brief history to the situation facing the troubled Game Group here in the UK, EA pulled copies of their March line-up, including Mass Effect 3 with Capcom following suit soon after.

MCV now reports that the nationwide chain of stores have been estimated to have two weeks to live by CEO Ian Shepard. If a solution was not found before then, the plug would have to be pulled on its operations.

There is one last chance for the crisis stricken company, however; the US based Gamestop could yet step in and offer to buy out the operations in part or full to salvage the disaster. Whilst rumoured negotiations take place behind closed doors, GAME and Gamestation are pumping out stock at 'fire sale' prices in a frantic effort to inject cash into the company and provide additional time for a deal to be reached.

Should the deal fall through, or even succeed, the face of high-street games retailers is set for a big shake up in the coming months.