Ghost Recon: FS Believes In Ghosts Again

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Ubisoft recently started a new three-part developer diary series for, titled "Believe In Ghosts". The face of these diaries is none other than Richard 'Mack' Machowicz, best known for his work in Deadliest Warrior and FutureWeapons. As a former U.S. Navy Seal sniper / scout and with a keen interest in weapon development, he seems a perfect fit for a game that prides itself on the use of cutting edge technology.

The first diary demonstrated some of the real life military operations that inspired the game. This second episode looks at the customisation of weapons and equipment and why this is key to your success in different types of missions, with more references to real life military operations.

Pre-ordering the game at select retailers will give players access to the Signature Edition of the title. Here are the extra goodies that are included with this version of the game:

The Signature Edition includes:
• Exclusive multiplayer map: Moscow Suburbs will plunge you right into the heart of intense urban firefights.
• Two legendary weapons: the MK 14 assault rifle for the Ghost faction rifleman class, and the AK-47 for the Bodark rifleman.

New customization options including:
• Two custom weapons skins. The Winter Digital and Tiger Stripe camo skins that have been selected by the Ghost Recon community on Facebook are included in the Signature Edition.
• 48 custom headgear skins. You will get even more options to customize your character and make him look truly unique on the battlefield.
9/3/12 Signature Edition

Here's a quick trailer showing some of this gear in action. Despite the trailer's insistence that this is limited to GameStop, this bonus will be available internationally at other retailers.

There's only two months to wait for the release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on May 22nd in North America, May 24th in Australasia and May 25th in Europe.
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