Prototype 2 Air Vehicle Videos Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Vehicle hijacking is taken to the next level in these new trailers released by Radical Entertainment for their upcoming sandbox title, Prototype 2.

In the upcoming title, as with the original Prototype (Xbox 360), the main character is constantly under threat from enemies on foot, enemy vehicles, and not to mention enemies in the sky. Despite being airborne, the Transport Helicopter and the Gunship are up for easy hijacks by Sgt. James Heller, who will be able to put these vehicles to use in other ways then just piloting them:

The Transport Helicopter:

The Transport Helicopters are stocked with some serious weapons. They are used by Blackwatch to deposit strike teams wherever they are needed as well as providing back up with rockets. When hijacking the helicopter, a great trick is to throw both pilots out of the side of the chopper and use it to tackle any enemies in waiting. Another great addition to the Transport Helicopter’s arsenal is the Rocket Pod which can be used to blast any threats away.
Here's the short and sweet trailer for the Transport Helicopter:

The Gunship:

As Transport Helicopter’s are destroyed, Gunships replace them as the vehicle of choice dropping strike teams into troubled areas. Similar to the Transport Helicopter, these vehicles are armed with enough artillery to do some serious damage to whatever crosses their path. A less safe way to travel than a Transport Helicopter, the almighty missile launcher attached to the Gunship can create some substantial havoc. However, don’t be completely fooled; when the Gunship meets Heller’s Whipfist Finisher, it doesn’t stand a chance.
Here's the Gunship's trailer:

A set of screenshots were also released alongside the trailers. Sticking to the skies, the screens showcase Heller man-handling a chopper as if it was just a measly toy, and also annoying chopper pilots two at a time as he sprays away at the enemy with a huge chain-gun:

P2 Resized

P2 Resized again

P2 Resize

P2 Resize

P2 Resize

P2 Resize

P2 Resize

For anyone interested in maybe purchasing a different edition of the upcoming game, be sure to check out the info on the RADNET edition and the Special edition. Info on some of the upcoming enemies who are dying for some warm, juicy infected blood can be found here.

Prototype 2 remains set with a solid release date of April 24th 2012 for North America and Australasia, and April 27th for Europe.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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