Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Gameplay Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
The "Close Quarters DLC" pack was revealed last week from DICE's DLC schedule for their successful first person shooter EA and DICE have released the first premier gameplay trailer for the upcoming add-on, which gives us an intense preview of the action on one of four maps known as Ziba Tower.

The trailer showcases the usual beautiful HD destruction, thanks to DICE's well known Frostbite engine. Players will be battling through frantic "vertical" gameplay and will have the choice to be equipped with brand new weapons that will be available with the DLC. Check out the trailer, where the battle for a victory on Ziba Tower rages on in what looks to be a very small, intense and relentlessy action packed map:

Being a Battlefield 3 player myself, some of my favourite maps would be the larger ones like Caspian Border, Wake Island and Kharg Island, as they offer the freedom to drive, fly and run almost anywhere I'd like to. Operation Metro provides fantastic Infantry action, but are upcoming maps like Ziba Tower too close quarters for comfort? Or will it make a bit of a change for those out there on the Battlefield?

Battlefield 3's upcoming "Close Quarters DLC" pack is still scheduled for a June 2012 release. The visit "Back to Karkand" cost 1200 MSP for those without the Limited Edition of the game, a similar price could be tagged onto the upcoming pack but no official pricing has yet been announced.
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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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