PSA: Gamerscore Resets Strike Xbox LIVE Users

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Please note: This issue should now be resolved for all users by re-downloading your Xbox LIVE profile to your console

Original story

For you non-Twitterers, the Facebook-less and the like, you may only just be tuning in to the chaos hitting Xbox LIVE at the moment. Gamers have experienced sudden drops or total resets in their scores in a seemingly random pattern.

Our Twitter feed has exploded with feedback and we haven't observed any common link between these issues. So far the documented effects are:

- Gamerscore drops or total resets
- Entire achievement lists unlocking in games upon boot
- Unlocked achievements becoming unlockable again
- Loss of avatar props
- Loss of previous activities on Xbox LIVE

Xbox Support have advised signing out of and back into your profile to resolve the issue and restore the loss of data. Let us know if this solves your issues in the comments here.

Update: Many, many users confirming the recommended fix is not working.

Update 2: Could be the stress on Xbox LIVE slowing this fix down. Some restored score reports trickling through now.

Update 3: If you're still unable to see your achievements/props etc after signing out and back in, @XboxSupport are advising some people to recover their profile. A small disclaimer here, we're only relaying the information we're reading.

Update 4: Successful profile recoveries taking place for a good few gamers out there. Now the big question - Does it stick? Can you unlock an achievement on a 'fixed' profile without issue? Let us know.

Update 5: It seems that all achievement unlocks post profile recovery are behaving as expected with no adverse affects. You will likely need to re-earn the last achievement you unlocked before this glitch struck. Hope it's an easy one!