Minicore Studios Announces Laika Believes

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Minicore Studios has just announced that they are developing a Metroidvania-styled title for the Xbox LIVE Arcade titled Laika Believes. The game takes place in a world where Russia is the supreme power, an oppressive one at that. Around the globe, several resistance cells have sprung up to battle the Soviets, one of which is helmed by Abram Krupin.

One day, Krupin witnessed a dog fall from the sky, a sign which Krupin took as meaning the tides of fate were turning in the direction of the resistance. Of course, this wasn't any ordinary dog, but a dog clad in silver armor and carrying weapons. She could also speak. Krupin decided to name the canine Laika. Here's where we get to what Laika believes: She "believes she can save the countless lives crushed by the Soviets".

Mincore released several details about the game as well:
Massive, nonlinear levels that model the layouts of real locations in a way as of yet unseen in other platformers
Large, choice-rich skill trees that let players approach the game how they want to
A novel defensive mechanic that lets players turn the firepower of Laika's enemies against them
Smoothly flowing, fast-paced shooting action
A story of struggle and hope, full of twists and revelations
Rich, evocative art depicting a world overgrown by a technologically ascendant Soviet empire
Secrets and rewards hidden in every corner for the determined player
There is no set release date or price for Laika Believes at this time.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the The Sun at Night achievements.
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Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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