Twin Blades & Butterfly Removed from Marketplace

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Most of you will remember that this isn't the first time Twin Blades (WP) has been pulled from the WP marketplace. Last year, we mentioned that the title had been pulled for the first time due to high levels of gore and blood. Changing the colour of blood to green was apparently acceptable enough for the game to be re-inserted back onto the Marketplace, allowing for gamers to kill in the exact same fashion if the the blood was red anyway.

Unfortunately for Press Start Studios, the developers behind the title, Twin Blades has been chopped from the marketplace again. Another one of their titles known as, Butterfly (WP), has also recieved the same treatment. With no signs of life or reasons coming from the comment-less Press Start Studios, WP Central contacted Microsoft regarding the delisting of both titles and recieved this response:

Due to unforeseen circumstances both Microsoft and the developer are unable to make these games available in the Mobile Marketplace going forward. We have appreciated the opportunity to share these games with our customers.
Besides both titles being axed without any warning at all, Twin Blades' Xbox 360 Indie version has also been removed.
Credit for this story goes to fuzzyGURU
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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