LEGO Rock Band Setlist

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
My iPhone's browser window just crashed due to all the suggested news stories from screaming users who want the news of LEGO Rock Band posted already!

The main piece of this news comes as a major surprise to me... first of all, LEGO Rock Band will be shipping with 45 announced songs, the full list if which you can find by checking out the external link below. This isn't the surprise...

The surprise is that 100% of these songs will be exportable to Rock Band 2!

That's right, folks... With just a copy of the disc, you can pay 800 MS and export the full 45-track collection to play in Rock Band 2.

For GameFly'ers like myself, I can simply rent the game like I did Rock Band and for $10, get all the brilliant songs. Will, in this case, there will only be a handful I'd pick up, but for those looking to expand their collection, export, export, export!

For more info on the "exporting war" as it went down, visit this link:

Thanks to everyone who sent in the news tips! ( SebastianSB , Furious Gunman , dudecrazy108 )
Credit for this story goes to SebastianSB