BBC iPlayer On Xbox LIVE Next Week? [RUMOUR]

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Eurogamer appear to have gathered details on the imminent release of the BBC iPlayer app for Xbox LIVE.

It is suggested that the app will launch some time next week and that it will be free to all Xbox LIVE users whether they are Gold members or not. This would sound about right as the major hurdle in getting iPlayer on Xbox LIVE was the fact that the BBC could not charge for the service twice (as it is funded by license fee payers).

Reaching out to Microsoft for comment, Eurogamer received a non-committal: "Microsoft does not comment on rumour and speculation". Let's hope this one turns out to be true though. It's long overdue. Logically this will be location restriced and unavailable to US Xbox LIVE users and a few other territories - but we're only speculating here.